Jamie Oliver Accuses Theresa May Of ‘Unforgivable Stinking Herring’ Childhood Obesity Plan

Jamie Oliver has launched an excoriating attack on Theresa May’s childhood obesity plan, accusing her of coming up with “the same old bull that hasn’t worked for 20 years”. The celebrity chef accused May of letting down the nation’s children by rowing back on her predecessor’s plans and acting like a politician instead of a parent….

Male Breast Cancer: Samuel L Jackson Spearheads Campaign Telling Men To Check Their Breasts

Breast cancer is often seen as a woman’s disease, meaning many guys don’t bother with regular breast checks. But this is something that needs to change. To coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, men’s health charity ‘One For The Boys’ has teamed up with Samuel L Jackson to launch #InTheNipOfTime. The campaign asks men to post…

24-Year-Old Who Desperately Wants Baby Before Hitting Early Menopause Issues Plea For Help

A 24-year-old who desperately wants children is crowdfunding for a third cycle of IVF, after doctors told her she is heading towards an early menopause.  Emma Kershaw, from Gold Coast, Queensland is hoping to raise $10,000 (approx £5,790) on GoFundMe.com so that she can have a child. She has already had two cycles of IVF, amounting to $20,000AUD…