Beards 2015: Men With Facial Hair Are More Likely To Cheat, Study Finds

Beards – love them or hate them, they’ve become a ubiquitous part of our modern day culture. There’s been World Beard Championships, beard art, and beard transplants… we’ve even lived through the so-called ‘Death Of The Beard’. So what could possibly be thrown at facial hair next? Well apparently, it’s women’s worst enemy. According to…


Alexa Chung Admits ‘Stealing’ Dress From Her Latest Marks & Spencer Collection

Alexa Chung has admitted pilfering an item from her latest ‘Archive by Alexa’ collection for M&S.. When asked about her favourite piece from the collection by Vogue, Chung revealed she hadn’t waited for the launch to get her hands on a piece “This time round that’s difficult because I keep changing my mind,” she said. “I…


Mary Berry Calls For Sugary Drinks Ban And Reveals How She Stays Healthy While Filming ‘Bake Off’

Mary Berry may be busy trying dozens of cakes every week on ‘The Great British Bake Off’, but she’s encouraged the nation to stick to healthier diets. The 81-year-old has called for a ban on all sugary drinks and said the key to healthy eating is enjoying “everything in moderation”.  “I honestly think there shouldn’t be sugared…