Aldi Ads Ruled ‘Misleading’ For Comparing Its Own-Brand Products With Brands

Three ads for Aldi claiming customers could make significant savings compared with the “big four” supermarkets have been banned for being unfair and not “truly representative”. The two television ads claimed a £70 Aldi shop would cost £98 at the big four grocers and compared a £33.04 Aldi basket with the equivalent at its competitors,…


A Nation Addicted To Sugar: Survey Finds We’re All Eating Double The Amount We Should On A Daily Basis

Today’s headlines report that children are consuming more than double the recommended amount of sugar on a daily basis. But what you might not realise is that, actually, we all are. A report from Public Health England (PHE) found that adults are also consuming twice as much sugar as they should be, while teenagers consume triple…


This Pilot’s Enviable Instagram Photos Prove You Don’t Have To Be Male To Make It In The Industry

Meet Maria Pettersson, the pilot on a mission to prove a career in aviation isn’t just for men. The 32-year-old shares photos of her globe-trotting lifestyle on Instagram. One day she’s hanging out a cockpit window, the next she’s sitting inside an aircraft engine turbine or operating the controls in preparation for take-off.  When she…