Fashion Revolution ‘Who Made Your Clothes’ Campaign Reveals Fashion Brands With Supply Chain Transparency

The list of clothing brands who responded to Fashion Revolution’s #whomadeyourclothes campaign has been revealed. Back in April, the sustainable fashion organisation called on the public to question their favourite companies about their supply chain transparency. Over 70,000 people took part on social media. In total, 1251 brands responded to requests, including 372 mainstream brands…


Lipoedema Patient Whose Eight Stone Legs Won’t Stop Growing Desperate To Raise £20k For Surgery

A desperate foster mum is fundraising for life-changing surgery to suck the fat out of her legs, which weigh four stone each and are still growing. Former support worker Vicki Hull, who has 30-inch thighs, was born with an agonising medical condition that causes fatty tissue to accumulate around her lower body. Her legs ballooned…