Fear Of Disclosing Symptoms To Doctors’ Receptionists Puts People Off Seeing Their GP

A fear of discussing symptoms with a receptionist at a doctor’s surgery is putting 40% of people off visiting their GP, research from Cancer Awareness Measure has found. Carl Court The waiting area of a General Practitioners surgery in North London The survey, carried out on almost 2,000 people in the UK, also unveiled what the main…


Merriam-Webster Change Outdated Definition Of ‘Femininity’ After Writer Calls Them Out

Dictionary Merriam-Webster has been forced to change its definition of ‘femininity’ after a writer shared her disapproval of it on Twitter.  The definition included an example of how you’d use the word in a sentence which, rather unbelievably, read: “She managed to become a CEO without sacrificing her femininity.” Needless to say, Los Angeles-based writer Ali…


What Is Norovirus? Causes And Symptoms Explained Following Reported Wahaca Outbreak

Norovirus affects thousands of people in the UK each year and now a restaurant chain has closed several of its branches following a suspected outbreak. More than 300 people have reportedly fallen ill after dining at the Mexican restaurant Wahaca. The virus is sometimes spread when a person eats contaminated food. According to the NHS, this can happen…