19 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Basically Did The PR For Suits

Benedict Cumberbatch knows a good suit and isn’t afraid to wear one. He looks so good in the things, fans have made blogs dedicated to the winning style equation of Cumberbatch + suits. They’ve also made collages and indexes of his every well-tailored red carpet appearance. If you’re wondering how he always appears so dapper, the ‘Batch revealed to…


Flexitarians Are On Rise In UK, With One In Three People Identifying As ‘Semi-Vegetarian’

More than one third of people in the UK now identify as flexitarians – or part-time vegetarians – new research has found. Flexitarians, or flexible vegetarians, are people who eat a plant-based diet with the occasional addition of meat.  According to, there are no rules to the diet and some flexitarians will have a…