Man Accidentally Orders Personalised Nike Trainers Saying ‘Ian Beale’

Remember when everyone was engraving their name on iPods? Well, Nike has brought the trend into the modern age with a pretty nifty feature allowing you to customise its trainers. But you should probably double check the wording before clicking ‘confirm order’… According to Metro, this photo was posted on Facebook with the caption: “Danny…


‘The World’s Strongest Coffee’ Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

If you love nothing more than a strong cup of coffee, it may be time to book a holiday to Australia. Viscous Cafe in Adelaide is serving a brew that’s been dubbed ‘the world’s strongest coffee’, which contains around 80 times the amount of caffeine found in a regular, single shot cup, according to The Adviser.  The ‘Asskicker’ contains…


Scientists Develop Revolutionary Eye Test To Detect Parkinson’s Disease

Scientists may have developed a revolutionary eye test that can detect Parkinson’s disease before symptoms surface.  The UCL research team said promising experiments on animals could pave the way for cheap, non-invasive examinations and earlier treatment.  Researchers noticed in tests on rats that retinas developed changes before symptoms developed.  Professor Francesca Cordeiro, who led the…