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British Road Racing Cyclist Lizzie Armitstead On Why She Loves ‘Short Intensive’ Workouts

Lizzie Armitstead goes by the mantra that having clearly-defined goals will help her stay one step ahead in her training. That’s no doubt one of the reasons the 28-year-old has become one of Britain’s most successful road racing cyclists. She won silver in her first ever Olympics Games in London 2012 and gold at the Commonwealth…

23 Signs You Have A Healthy Relationship With Your Smartphone

When it comes to how people treat their smartphones these days, there’s a dramatic difference between treating the device like a tool that makes life easier and viewing it as a not-so-figurative fifth appendage. We are right, as a culture, to be worried about this obsessive behavior. But just because some people engage in inappropriate texting, there…

Giving Vegetables ‘Seductive Names’ May Encourage Healthy Eating

If you want to spruce up your dinner party menu or encourage your family to eat more healthily, the trick could be giving your vegetables “seductive names”. According to new research, using terms such as “sweet sizzlin’ green beans”, “crispy shallots” and “caramelised carrots” makes vegetables more appealing. In fact, the study, conducted by researchers at…