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Dev Patel Might Have A Girlfriend And We Are Destined To Spend The Rest Of Our Lives Alone

You might want to hide that Pinterest wedding board people, because we’re afraid we have some bad news.  In the worst case of spanner-in-the-works since you deleted Tinder and entered a fully-committed relationship with carbohydrates, Dev Patel now has a girlfriend. Dan MacMedan via Getty Images That’s right, Patel taking his mum as his date to the…

What It Takes To Be A Professional Chocolate Taster (Spoiler Alert: It’s Harder Than It Looks)

Prepare to turn green with envy: The Huffington Post UK was offered a sneak peek inside a chocolate laboratory, where professional tasters sniff, bite and chomp to make sure the goods taste delicious. Walking into Reading Science Centre, where the Mondelez lab is based, it’s hard to think this is where chocolate tasters come to…

‘Protorexia’: Can A Protein-Heavy Diet Become An Unhealthy Obsession?

When eaten as part of a balanced diet, protein allows our body to grow and repair itself. But is there a risk of becoming obsessed with protein to the extent that behaviour becomes symptomatic of an eating disorder? The term ‘protorexia’ has been coined to describe an unhealthy fixation with protein-heavy foods and supplements, such as protein…