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Butter and Buttermilk

This recipe is adapted from Anne Mendelson, the author of “Milk: The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages.” It’s a bit of a project. There’s a fair amount of stirring, processing, straining and separating. But the result is butter and buttermilk from your own kitchen, making this a fun recipe to make with children…

Fresh Cheese

Technically, this formula produces fromage blanc. But to me it is the cream cheese of dreams: delicious, without the stiffeners in packaged cheese. To ensure good results, use real rennet for cheesemaking: not the rennet sold at the health-food store, and not the tablets sold online for making junket desserts. (Who are you, junket makers?)…

Adobo-Fried Chicken

This chicken is simmered in an adobo broth of vinegar, bay leaves, sugar and soy sauce for 15 minutes, giving the meat a strong foundation in the Philippines before it is dunked in buttermilk, then breaded and fried. Make the dipping sauce and refrigerate it before you simmer the meat, so you can dig in…