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‘Hangover-Free’ Alcohol Could Replace Regular Booze By 2050, Says Its Creator

Undoubtably, the worst part of an alcohol-filled night out is the nausea and headaches that follow the next day. But all that could be set to change as hangover-fee alcohol could replace traditional booze by 2050. The new drink, called alcosynth, has been developed by Professor David Nutt from Imperial College London.  The former government…


M&S Food Reveals Its Christmas Range Including Chocolate Tortillas, Mini Hog Roasts And More

It may be mid-summer and we should be licking ice lollies but after seeing M&S Christmas menu, we’re hunkering after mince pies. But then again, it might be this weather. Each July, supermarkets showcase their Christmas menus, and the M&S menu has really taken the biscuit. From fire-roasted tortilla chips dipped in chocolate to a succulent…