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‘The Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds’: Viewers Relate When Kids Can’t Resist Chocolate Fountain

A group of children found it hard to resist chocolate from a fountain on ‘The Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds’ and viewers could relate. The Channel 4 show analysed the difference between girls and boys when it comes to temptation, in the form of a five-tier fountain oozing with chocolate. The kids were filmed in the room where…

Why Tesco And Asda Own Brand Weetabix Taste Uncannily Like The Real Thing

Ever wondered why supermarket own brand cereals look (and taste) like their expensive counterparts? It’s probably because the products are made by the same manufacturers. According to The Sun, Weetabix also makes Asda’s Wheat Bisks and Tesco’s Wheat Biscuits, although the price of the own brand versions is very different to the original. A 24-pack…