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Courgette Shortage: Don’t Fret And Munch These Carb Substitutes Instead

We’re in the midst of a courgette shortage and it’s a sorry state of affairs indeed.  Poor weather in southern Spain has resulted in fewer courgettes being harvested, which has sent wholesale courgette prices rocketing across Europe, according to The Guardian. The courgette shortage has now reached UK supermarkets and it’s even been suggested that…

You Can Now Buy Beer To Boost Your Sex Drive (Apparently)

A beer company has made a new product laced with watercress, claiming the unusual beverage may boost men’s sex drives. The new Watercress Warrior bottles are adorned with the Giant of Cerne – an ancient symbol of fertility – but apparently, that’s not where the drink’s sexual powers end.  According to the makers, watercress is…

106-Year-Old YouTube Star Wows The World With Her Culinary Skills

Mastanamma Karre is 106 years old. She’s also the incredibly popular star of YouTube channel ‘Country Foods’. The Indian great grandmother cooks traditional dishes such as prawn biryani and mango chicken curry, sharing recipes and methods with her 339,000 subscribers. The 106-year-old’s great grandson Laxman K films the videos and uploads them online. According to…