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Flexitarians Are On Rise In UK, With One In Three People Identifying As ‘Semi-Vegetarian’

More than one third of people in the UK now identify as flexitarians – or part-time vegetarians – new research has found. Flexitarians, or flexible vegetarians, are people who eat a plant-based diet with the occasional addition of meat.  According to theflexitarian.co.uk, there are no rules to the diet and some flexitarians will have a…

Broccoli To Become The Big Daddy Of Superfoods (If This Discovery Is Anything To Go By)

Broccoli has long been touted for its numerous health properties. And now, thanks to science, we could soon be munching broccoli 2.0. Researchers have discovered that broccoli contains a large number of candidate genes, which control the accumulation of phenolic compounds in the vegetable. Phenolic compounds have been associated with a lower risk of heart disease,…