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Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast Makes You Smarter, Scientist Claims

Eating ice cream for breakfast can make you smarter and improve your performance in tasks, a Japanese scientist has claimed.  Yoshihiko Koga, a professor at Tokyo’s Kyorin University, carried out a series of trials in which participants completed mental exercises on a computer.  He found participants’ performances improved after eating ice cream immediately after waking…

Jacob’s Food Diaries Is A Treasure Trove Of Vegetable-Filled Healthy Meal Ideas That Kids Will Love

A mum is providing parents around the world with an endless supply of inspiration for ways to make vegetables more appealing to kids. Laleh Mohmedi, from Australia, crafts edible cartoon characters and animals out of healthy ingredients for her son Jacob and she shares photos of her creations on Instagram. Mohmedi revealed in a blog for Jamie Oliver.com that…

10 Surprising Things That Aren’t Vegan, Including Chewing Gum, Candles And Worcestershire Sauce

If you’re new to veganism, avoiding food, drink and other products derived from animals can be a minefield. To help, here are 10 things you may have assumed are vegan-friendly, but aren’t. 1. Wine  Instants via Getty Images According to animal rights charity Peta, the majority of people are unaware that wine, although made from…