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Ingredient Found In Toothpaste And Sweets Could Cause Cancer, Scientists Warn

An additive commonly found in toothpaste, sweets and chewing gum could cause cancer, scientists have warned.  Titanium dioxide (E171) was found to cause growths in 40% of rats that were fed the additive in drinking water. While these growths weren’t cancerous initially, they have the potential to develop into something more dangerous, researchers said. The…

Supermarkets Switch Up Aisles To Encourage Meat-Eaters To Buy More Veg

Supermarkets could soon face a huge redesign to encourage healthier, more sustainable eating habits among customers.  A new scheme, headed up by Oxford University researchers and funded by the Wellcome Trust, has proposed that supermarkets switch up their aisles containing meat products so that they also stock vegetarian alternatives.  Those who opt for meat-free alternatives…