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Vietnamese Summer Rolls

If you have ever considered making a Vietnamese summer roll, you may have been intimidated by the process. But these delicious rolls are not at all difficult. I learned my summer roll technique from a native of France. I learned three things: Rice paper is very forgiving; don’t overstuff; and the more you make, the…

The Comme Ça Burger

Michael David, the executive chef at Comme Ça brasserie in Los Angeles, gave this recipe to The Times in 2009 — a consummate burger that took him, he said, 11 tries to develop. The patties are seared on a plancha, stove-top cast-iron skillet, or grill, then finished either in the oven or the cooler side…

Bitter Herbs Salad

Bitter herbs – the maror – are part of the Seder ritual, symbolizing the bitterness of slavery experienced by the Jews in Egypt. Endive, romaine and chicory (for which I’ve substituted radicchio) are present on many Sephardic ritual platters, but often they also appear in salads served with the meal. This can be served as…