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Emma Watson Narrates Powerful Short Film ‘Hurdles’ About Our Ongoing Race For Gender Equality

 Just days after launching a new #HeForShe initiative focusing on gender equality in universities, Emma Watson is back championing women’s rights. This time, the UN goodwill ambassador is narrating a short film, titled ‘Hurdles’, inspiring the world to tackle remaining obstacles in the way of gender equality. Over footage from the women’s 100m hurdles at the…


These Six Illustrations Nail What It Feels Like To Be A Girl In 2016

Do you overanalyse situations in your head until you feel dizzy? Or self-criticise and then embark on some barmy self-improvement programme?  Congratulations, you are in possession of a ‘girl brain’. Illustrator Nina Cosford’s debut book, ‘My Name Is Girl: An Illustrated Guide To The Female Mind’, offers a tongue-in-cheek take on the complexities and anxieties…


Young Mums More Likely To Experience Discrimination At Work: #PowerToTheBump Aims To Unite Them

Young mothers are “significantly” more likely to experience pregnancy and maternity discrimination at work, new research has shown. Six times as many mothers under 25 reported that they were dismissed after informing their employer of their pregnancy compared to older mothers, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) found. In addition, 13% of mothers under 25 reported…


‘Shocking’ Survey Finds Majority Of Girls Won’t Play Sport While On Periods

This week, Olympian Fu Yuanhui was praised for speaking openly about painful period cramps after she came fourth in the women’s 4x100m medley relay. While she was comfortable speaking out about menstruation, the heartbreaking reality is that for many girls, that time of the month is regarded as “shameful” or “dirty” – and it’s stopping…


Style Blogger Cailey Darling Shares Swimsuit Photos, Sticks Two Fingers Up To Hurtful Body Shamers

A style blogger has shared a series of photos of herself in a black swimsuit and has proven to haters that she’s more badass than they’ll ever be. Cailey Darling, 27, is no stranger to receiving hateful comments and trolling about her body.  But that doesn’t stop her from a) rocking swimwear and b) helping others…


Sandi Toksvig On Facing Death Threats And Abuse To Inspire Others To Come Out As Gay

Sandi Toksvig has spoken candidly about the “terrifying” moment she came out to the British public as a lesbian. Toksvig, who is a writer, actor, comedian and co-founder of The Women’s Equality Party, said her brave announcement in 1994 was met with death threats and hatred. “It was terrifying, we had very unpleasant death threats,…