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Missguided Bring Back ‘Team Angelina’ And ‘Team Jen’ T-Shirts

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Missguided has been accused on “cashing in” on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce after listing a new line of T-shirts for sale.

The three slogan tees put a new twist on the ‘Team Aniston’ and ‘Team Jolie’ designs sold in LA boutique Kitson back in 2005 and spotted on celebrities including Paris Hilton.

Missguided are encouraging shoppers to “pick a team” by purchasing a ‘Team Angelina’, ‘Team Brad,’ or ‘Still Team Jen’ T-shirt.


But Twitter users have taken to the social media site to express their dislike of the tees.

“Bit rude cashing in one someone’s divorce like that,” one user wrote. “Are they for real that’s someone’s broken marriage,” another added.

Team Angelina Slogan T-Shirt, £12 from missguided.co.uk

Still Team Jen Slogan T-Shirt, £12 from missguided.co.uk

Team Brad Slogan T-Shirt, £12 from missguided.co.uk

A spokesperson for Missguided told The Huffington Post UK that the brand is declining to comment on the issue.

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