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Toast with Blue Cheese and Walnuts

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This toast is ONLY for blue cheese lovers. You are welcome to add chopped arugula to the blue cheese and butter mixture and toasted the walnuts in some olive oil sprinkled with black pepper, if you wish.


4 slices wheat or whole grain toast bread
5 oz parmesan
3 oz blue cheese
3 tbsp milk
2 yolks
2 tsp sweet and sour mustard
1 1/2 tbsp white bread crumbs
1/2 tbsp flour
2 tbsp walnuts
Green onion for serving
Salt to taste


1.Grate Parmesan on a coarse grater. Transfer to a saucepan. Pour in milk and mustard. Cook over medium heat until cheese is completely melted. Add sifted flour, salt, pepper and crumbs. Cook for 5-6 minutes, until the mixture thickens. Cool slightly.

2.Break or cut blue cheese into small pieces.

3.Beat up yolks until smooth and add to the cheese mixture. Add crumbled blue cheese, stir.

4.Toast bread on both sides in a dry skillet until golden brown. Top with the cheese mixture and bake in the oven preheated to 400° F(200° C), 3-4 minutes. Garnish with thin walnut slices and chopped green onions. Serve hot.