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Caesar Salad Toasts

I wanted to come up with something delicious, relatively easy to mix together, and a little different in presentation. As a result, these caesar salad toasts are an alternative for one of the most popular salads to ring the changes. Ingredients 150g romaine lettuce 1/2 lb boiled chicken breast or grilled fillet 8 cherry tomatoes…

Parsley & Lettuce Salad

Oftentimes I’ll use parsley as a salad green, either using the leaves whole, or opting to cut them into a chiffonade (as done in this delicate salad.) Dressed with a simple vinaigrette, or a simple combination of 1tbsp lemon juice & 3tbsps olive oil (extra virgin) – either way, this is deliciously moreish! Ingredients 1…

Tuna Salad with Vegetables

For decades, any salad that contained tuna was labeled a Niçoise salad – whether the tuna was fresh, canned, raw, or cooked. Few of these salads resemble the iconic, authentic salad of Nice made with thin-skinned green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and other local vegetables such as baby artichokes and olives. It’s easy to make a…