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Brussels sprouts with bacon

Are you convinced that you don’t like Brussels sprouts? Well, this 4-ingredient side-dish recipe for Brussels Sprouts with Bacon is dedicated to you! The key trick is to caramelize Brussels Sprouts until crispy outside and tender inside. Meantime, lemon juice and bacon will add intense flavor. Ingredients 1 pound fresh Brussels sprouts (small sprouts left whole,…

Omelet mother Pulyar

Omelet mother Pulyar was named after the Frenchwoman Annette Pulyar who cooked this dish for tourists and guests of her tavern at the end of the 19th century. The omelet has become so popular that it is known far beyond France. No doubt-you will appreciate such an unusual way of cooking ordinary eggs! Ingresients 6…

Pan de Jamón (Venezuelan Ham Bread)

Martha Beltran from Austin, Tex. brings us this recipe for a traditional Venezuelan Christmas bread. She brought the recipe with her on her move to the US, and considers it an essential part of her family’s Thanksgiving. Ms. Beltran always start the bread the day before serving, making sure to laminate with butter 3 times…