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Nut Praline

This crunchy and extremely simple mixed nut praline has a tasty bite to it which is full of nutty flavour. Served with a warm tea as a sweet snack or broken up on a plate with some ice-cream scoops, this praline makes a great home-made gift! You can even decorate cakes, mousses and sorbet with…

Chocolate Strudel with Pears

Everyone knows that every dessert is made better with the addition of chocolate, which this strudel proves. It’s truly the most perfect combination of sweet and fruity and wine. I bought puff yeastless dough instead of making my own strudel dough. I know, I know… homemade is better, but honestly this one works just as…

Banana Smoothie with Basil

This healthy drink has a juicy, pleasant and refreshing taste and instantly improves your mood. Besides, basil protects your body from premature aging and age-related problems. Ingredients 6 bananas 1 cup coconut milk 1 small bunch basil 2-4 tbsp sugar Ice Preparation Remove basil stems. Finely chop the leaves. Cut banana into medium pieces. Combine…