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Pumpkin and Mozzarella Pizza

It’s still pumpkin season and you definitely have tons of pumpkin recipes. But who can resist a new easy to make homemade pizza, even if one of its ingredients is pumpkin? Let’s start with this crazy fall-inspired pizza recipe. Ingredients 1 pound homemade or store-bought puff pastry dough 4 tbsp olive oil 17 oz pumpkin…

Baked Pork with Garlic and Ginger

Every time you can’t make up decision what to cook for dinner, opt for baked meat. You will never go wrong with it. The best thing about baked meat is a great variety of ideas to incorporate and flavors to experiment with. If you like a stronger flavor, feel free to double key marinade ingredients….

Mint Semifreddo with Chocolate

If you are obsessed with cramming fresh mint flavor, you won’t stand up to this mint semifreddo with chocolate. Semifreddo means “half-cold” in Italian, and the best way we can describe this dessert is to say that it’s like a softly frozen mousse. You can pour the semifreddo into the serving cups or decorate them…