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Almond Cookies

We love trying out new cookies at our house, and I think the best cookies are the ones that are made with simple ingredients. Ground almonds give these cookies that fantastic texture which I love. You can serve these light, tender cookies with ice cream or simply with a cup of coffee or tea. Ingredients…

Shangi with potatoes and mushrooms

Shangi are small open pastries from northern Russia with a topping like potatoes, cottage cheese, eggs and butter. I love the simplicity of these pastries, which are ideal for serving a crowd of hungry kids. Ingredients 1 lb (600 g) potatoes 2-3 yolks ¼ cup heavy cream with 17 oz (500 g) forest mushrooms 2…

Blackcurrant brownie

My favorite use for blackcurrants is perhaps in blackcurrant sauce to accompany meats, particularly pork or ice cream. This week, I decided to make a rich chocolate brownie using blackcurrants. I absolutely adore brownies.  They’re one of the simplest desserts to make and one of the most often ordered ones if they’re on the menu….

Pita with tuna salad

Pitas are very popular in the Middle East and many Mediterranean countries. Why? Pockets of pita bread are best choices for sandwiches, as they are so portable and easy to stuff and eat! We decided to stuff pitas with tuna salad – this is a win-win option that both children and adults like. One such…