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Raisin cookies

Raisin cookies are so popular, probably because of their tender and chewy texture and sweet flavor. These cookies will be especially tender if you use overripe bananas. What we really like about these cookies is how easy it is to make. It is just a matter of combining all the ingredients together. They can be…

Baked Stuffed Pumpkin

Tender, sweet, baked stuffed pumpkin with a gorgeous mixture of rice, nuts and raisins. A beautiful recipe for your Thanksgiving or Halloween gathering! Ingredients 1 pumpkin 4 lb 1 medium onion 1/2 cup dark raisins 1/4 cup peeled walnuts 1/4 cup rice 7 tbsp butter 1 tbsp cooking butter 1 tsp ground cinnamon Salt to…

Lace Almond Cookies

Lace cookies are very thin and crunchy cookies made from butter, sugar, salt, and other ingredients. These are deceptively simple to cook, needing absolutely no physical exertion. Take the ingredients, let them get mixed, scoop onto the baking sheet, bake and voila! It’s done. For an extra special treat, add a little chocolate. Ingredients 3/4…