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Pita with tuna salad

Pitas are very popular in the Middle East and many Mediterranean countries. Why? Pockets of pita bread are best choices for sandwiches, as they are so portable and easy to stuff and eat! We decided to stuff pitas with tuna salad – this is a win-win option that both children and adults like. One such…

Banana Oatmeal cake

What better way to start your morning than with a delicious piece of cake. Everyone knows about health benefits of oats, but it might be boring to start a day with a bowl of cereals. This recipe uses oats, bananas, cinnamon and brown sugar, which make this cake extremely sweet and tasty. It can be…

Rice noodle fish soup

This fish soup is for those who want achieve bright and complex notes under half an hour. The most important miracle happens at the table. When you serve the big, steaming bowls of fragrant soup. Ingredients 1 lb white sea fish fillet 1 ½ cups rice noodles 2 hot red chilies 1 inch fresh ginger…