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Shrimp with White Wine

This simple white wine and garlic shrimp is perfect for Friday meals! Delicious shrimp in an easy white wine sauce are also perfect over pasta, toast, rice, or other side dishes! Besides, this garlic shrimp recipe is definitely one of the top five easiest things on this website. It basically has just 3 steps. Ingredients…

Shrimp Fricassee

Shrimp Fricassee – a flavorful one-pan shrimp stew with a colorful mix of vegetables in a white sauce that is perfect as a family dinner meal. Cooking this comfort food with mushrooms results in a sweet and aromatic sauce with smell spreading all around the kitchen and outdoor garden. Shrimp Fricassee is a spring dish?…


Shrimp Jambalaya

This chill take on the well-known New Orleans shrimp stew comes together in roughly an hour, allowing you to get a taste of the Big Easy on any weeknight. A quickly made slurry of onions, bell peppers, ham, parboiled rice, cayenne, thyme, garlic and tomatoes is the start of this delicious dish. Let simmer until…