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Creole Gumbo

Leah Chase, the chef and owner of Dooky Chase in New Orleans, gave an interview to Matt Lee and Ted Lee of The Times back in 2000. It was about her gumbo, which is brackish and silky and delicious, and for which she offered a recipe. Ms. Chase told them about giving a dinner in…


Corn Empanadas

Ingredients For the Dough 4 ounces lard or butter, plus more for brushing tops 1 ½ teaspoons fine sea salt 750 grams all-purpose flour, about 6 cups, more as needed For the Filling Lard or olive oil, or a combination, for sautéing 1 cup diced onion ½ pound potatoes, peeled and diced 2 cups fresh…


Eggs Eli

Amanda Hesser first wrote about this “blunt and tasty” egg dish, which dates back to 1909, in The New York Times Magazine. A simple dish with robust flavors, the recipe blends scrambled eggs with finely minced Virginia ham and anchovies. Before cooking, you rub the pan with a garlic clove, which scents the eggs without…



This is a variation of Amanda Hesser’s croque-monsieur, a ham and Gruyere sandwich topped with béchamel. Here, we invite you to pop a fried egg on top. Voila! A croque-madame (reportedly named such because the egg resembles a lady’s wide-brimmed hat). Ingredients 5 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon flour ⅔ cup milk Sea salt Freshly grated…